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April 2021

New Harmonic Scalpel has been purchased. It produces ultrasonic vibrations to cut and cauterize tissue. Advantage is that it causes less thermal damage and reduces bleeding. It is a very useful tool in Head and Neck Surgery.

March 2021

We have new HOPKINS telescope by Karl Storz for OT


February 2021

New debrider has been purchased .

December 2019

New Workstation “Care Station 30’’ by GE Healthcare was installed in OT2. It is state of the Art Machine with all safety features and latest tech 820 vaporiser.

November 2019

Latest Zeiss Microscope Entaro was installed in OT

September 2019

New Ziess Surgical Operating Microscope EXTARO 300 ENT.

New Acrylic sign boards erected at the Entrance of  Neeti Clinics.

July-August 2019

A covered outdoor shed was built at the ward premises for the benefit of patient’s relatives. This will serve as a clean designated area with furniture and storage space for patient’s relatives to accommodate their luggage, rest or eat their meals.
A microwave has been installed at the 6th Floor  Doctors  room.
4 Nursing Staff trained as GNM have joined from July. 

May and June 2019 

Affiliation with Neuro Equilibrium :-  Neuro Equilibrium , a company providing  Neuro Otological monitoring services has collaborated with Neeti Clinics. We now have in-house comprehensive Neuro Otological testing for our patients suffering from vertigo. The Neuro Equilibrium lab is stationed in A wing premises.

With Amplifon already present, now Neeti Clinics offers complete Otological battery of investigations including BERA and OAE. There exists facility for Hearing Aid advice, testing, guidance and fitting.

Renovation of A wing Premises :- The A wing premises have been completely renovated .Along with Amplifone and Neuro Equilibrium  labs it houses the administrative department of Neeti Clinics , Office of Director of Administration , CEO, insurance desk, billing and accounts, MRD office are located in the renovated A wing premises.

New ECG Machine purchased:- A new updated 12 lead ECG machine was purchased for the OT complex and recovery area. 

Computer department:- Two well qualified trained computer operators have joined our administrative staff from the month of  June.

IAOHNS Fellowship: Dr Priya Dubey, MS, ENT from Father Muller medical college Mangalore has joined us for 6 months under the IAOHNS surgical fellowship in ENT HNS. We welcome her and wish her all the very best. 

PG teaching activity- 

Neeti Clinics team organized two teaching activities with academic deliberations- on 22nd May and 14th June. There were senior faculty from Radiology, Pathology, ENT and Head Neck Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology to lead the discussion. These were attended by all Post graduate students from government and private colleges. Dr Shripal Jani, Dr Amjad Khan and Dr Priya Dubey were the presenters. Cases discussed were “Unknown Primary”,” Follicular Neoplasm of Thyroid”, “Sarcomatoid Carcinoma of Tongue”, etc.


  • New laser machine purchased from KLS Martin, Germany.