• Screening for the hearing ability of newborn children and infants with OAR, ASSR BERA, Impedance Audiometry and free field audiometry.

  • Speech Therapy & audio verbal therapy for hearing impaired children

  • Dedicated clinic for cochlear implant candidates

  • Routine assessment of hearing with ultramodern Audiology equipment

  • World Standard Zeiss Microscope with camera and monitor attachment and two way audiovisual facilities to facilitate surgery for ear disorders.

  • Ear surgery for deafness and discharge

  • - Diagnosis, management and advice for patients suffering with vertigo – ENG (Electronystagmography) Eppley’s maneouvre. Advice regarding hearing aids.

  • Cochlear Implant programme.

  • Temporal Bone Dissection Lab, the facilities of which can be awaited by all post graduate students & consultants free of charge on all days.

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