Our motto is to look after the rich and the poor alike.

The clinic has average OPD attendance of 80-100 patients / day and the annual surgical output is approximately:

  • Supra Major 175

  • Major 108

  • Medium 258

  • Minor 125

Neeti Clinics enjoys the proximity and close support of Pathologist, Physician, Radiologist, Blood Bank, ICU, Ambulance and Medical Store all housed in the same building.

In brief this is a forward looking State of Art Tertiary Care Hospital having the last word in the field of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery.

OPD complex

  • There are 3 air conditioned Consulting Chambers with facilities for ENT examination.
  • Procedure Room where OPD procedures are performed in the ambience of State of Art Technology and most uptodate instrumentation of International Standards:
  • Otomicroscopy with Zeiss Microscope
  • Suction clearance of ears
  • Nasal Endoscopy
  • Sinus washouts
  • Nasal Suction
  • Hopkin's Rod examination of larynx

  • Nasal Septal Cauterization

Equipment available

1 ZEISS Ear Microscope
2 Sinus Endoscope
3 Hopkin's Rod
4 Aescula Endoscopic Camera
5 Medical Recording Software
6 Computer Monitor and Printer
7 Computerized ECG Machine
8 Spirowin - Lung Function Monitor
9 BHEL / Andhra Microscope with Accessories for Temporal Bone Dissection
10 Velscope
11 Stroboscope

All the examination procedures are displayed on the monitor and photographs / CD given to patients.
Waiting area is spacious and comfortable for patients from all walks of life and can accommodate 25 patients at a time.

Audiology Department



1. Pure Tone Audiometer
2. Impedance Audiometer
3. Free Field Audiometer
4. BERA- Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometer
NEW BERA MACHINE: Complete audio logical battery of tests done for newborn hearing screening is now available at our hospital. The new machine has inbuilt ASSR, DAE testing options also. OAE is used as a screening test for high risk newborns and can be done as earlier as one day of age. ASSR is step over BERA where we can record evoked patients at a range of frequencies.

There is sound proof airconditioned Audiology Room as per specifications with an area of 100 square feet. Patient and Audiologist are separated by one way screen to obtain accurate results. There is –

  • Pure Tone Audiometer
  • Impedance machine
  • Double channel BERA by ALPS
  • Free Field Audiometry
  • Facilities to investigate a patient of vertigo.

Operation Theatre Complex

1 Zeiss Microscope
2 Micromotor Drills
3 Nasal Endoscope
4 Micro Debrider
5 Electro Cautery
6 Pulsar Endoacopic Camera
7 Coblator - II
9 Overhead operating light
10 Pedestal operating light
11 Head Lights
12 Suction Machin x 2
13 Boyles Anaesthesia Machin
14 Monitor Defibrillator
15 Max Anesthesia Ventilator
16 Multipara Monitor L&T
17 Hyraulic Operating Table
18 Sony Video Cam
19 Medical Recording Software
20 Computer and Monitors

Operation Theatre is fully equipped with ultramodern State of the Art Equipment:

  • Two Zeiss OPMI FC Microscope and back-up Indian Microscope for learners
  • CO2 LASER with micromanipulator from Martin Germany
  • Zenon and Metal halide lights
  • Two Bien Air Micromotor drills for microscopic ear surgery
  • Nasal endoscopes with camera
  • Microdebrider for nasal endoscopic surgery
  • Boyles Anesthesia machine
  • Anesthesia ventilator
  • Multipara patient monitors from Agilent and Biomedics
  • Latest cautery machine from Divilabs for its application as handy surgical tool doing cutting and coagulation.
  • Suction machines and oxygen delivery system at multiple sites for safety and convenience.

All surgeries are displayed to patients’ relatives. Photograph and CD recording of surgeries is available on patient’s request.

Day Care Ward

Well ventilated, air cooled and spacious. It can comfortably accommodate 4 patients who are operated and discharged on the same day. It also provides facilities for the personnel accompanying the patients.

Equipment available

1 Multipara Monitor
2 Oxycon Hand Held Pulse Oximeter
3 Finger probe pulse Oximeter
4 Emergency cart fully equipped with emergency drugs, resuscitation equipment for ventilation and endotracheal intubation.
5 Oxygen supply by cylinders
6 Bed- side suction apparatus
7 On-line nebulizers


Rooms are airy, spacious, well ventilated, air cooled, air conditioned with attached bath room for all categories and comfortable facility for one attendant with each patient.
All emergency drugs, suction, oxygen is available in the rooms
For convenience of patients there is separate area for cooking and washing, cooking gas, aquaguard, water cooler, fridge and tea / coffee vending machine are available. Recreational facilities like news paper, magazines and TV are provided for all categories of indoor patients and also daycare patient ward

Conference Room / Library

Conference room accomodates 30 people comfortably for the purpose of lectures and demonstrations. There is an exhaustive collection of text books, reference book and journals on all subjects of ENT and Head and Neck surgery and Anesthesiology.
Internet, broad band facility is made available with online access to international journals, which is also open to all doctors and postgraduate students of Nagpur.
Surgeries conducted in operation theatre can be transmitted to waiting area in OPD as well as conference room with two way communication facility for conducting live surgical workshops.