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November  2017

4th – 10th  November : Dr. Abhishek Vaidya attended hands on Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery workshop at Pittsburg, USA.

16th  November : Dr. Abhishek Vaidya gave a talk on “Incidence of metastasis in micro invasive thyroid malignancies”.

15th – 17th November : 2nd National Conference of Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons was held at Christian Medical College, Vellore.

As president of the ISTS Dr. Madan Kapre inaugurated the conference and chaired various sessions.

Dr. Neeti Gupta presented “Audit of Thyroid Surgeries at Neeti Clinics”.

25th – 26th  November : PUNECON 2017 organized by AOI Pune Branch.             Dr. Madan Kapre  delivered  Dr. W.G. Atre Oration on “ Parathyroids in Thyroid Surgery” and performed Live Demonstration of Thyroid Surgery and Trismus Surgery .

October 2017

13th – 14th October : Dr Madan Kapre was Guest Speaker “Dr Mukhopadhyay Memorial Oration” at Kolkatta. The topic was “Pearls in Management of  Parotid Tumours”. Dr Kapre also gave Operative demonstration of Oral Cancer and Thyroid Surgery.

September 2017

1st September: 11th Prof. V.G. Bhide Memorial lecture was held at VNIT. Dr. Snajeev Galande spoke on

Dr. Narendra Choudhari, Director VNIT president over the function. The lecture was very well attended and appreciated.

9th September: AOI Vidarbha branch organized debate on Clinical topics.

  • Elective central compartment Neck Dissection in Thyroid Cancers Dr. Neeti spoke for the topic and Dr. Abhishek spoke against.
  • Approach for Cochlear Implant .Posterior Tympanotomy  vs Veria technique. Dr. Harsh spoke in favour of veria technique.

10th September : Dr. Madan Kapre  was faculty at Head and Neck Cadaver Dissection programme organized by  AOI Vidarbha branch  Dr. Kapre demonstrated Neck Dissection.

15th - 17th September : Annual  FHNO Conference was held at Mumbai Dr. Madan Kapre was Chair person for the topics

 “What’s now in Head and Neck Cancers’’.

 “New and old surgical approaches for Thyroid Cancer’’.

Dr. Kapre was panelist in Panel Discussion complications in Head and Neck surgery.

Dr. Abhishek spoke on new TNM classification and its application in Head and Neck Cancers.

Dr. Abhishek was panelist for Panel Discussion on “skull base tumours’’. He was also judge for the free paper session.  

15th - 17th SeptemberDr. Gauri vaidya was faculty at Annual Conference of Phonosurgeon of India. She delivered lecture on

“Anatomy of larynx’’

“Setting up of voice clinic’’

17th September :   Mid Term  lecture and felicitation programme was conducted by AOI  Vidarbha branch .

Dr. Madan Kapre, Dr. Vidula Kapre, Dr. Abhishek Vaidya and Dr. Neeti Kapre Gupta were felicitated for the success of the” Indian Session” at  the 4th “World Congress of Thyroid” held at Boston USA recentily.

Dr. Madan Kapre was chair person for the India Session.

23rd September :  Dr. Gauri was moderate for CD demonstration of FESS surgery


August 2017

Indian Team gets permanent berth at World Congress on Thyroid Cancers

3rd World Congress on Thyroid Cancer was recently concluded at Boston, USA. This congress is held once in four years and this year special Indian Subcontinent Session was organized with Dr. Madan Kapre as its Chairman. Dr. Kapre delivered key note address on “The Thyroid Gurukool & quot; - Teaching Thyroid Surgery in a Tribal Setting based on work done at “Annual Thyroid Surgical Workshop” held in Melghat for the Tribals of that region. It is now recognized internationally as a unique teaching module for ENT and Head and Neck Surgeons who wish to undergo special training in Thyroid Surgery.

Other faculty from Nagpur for this Congress were Dr. Neeti Kapre Gupta who presented a paper “Imaging, Pathological & Clinical Correlation in Thyroid”. Dr. Vidula Kapre gave a talk on “Awake Thyroidectomy” using Cervical Epidural Anaesthesia. Dr. Abhishek Vaidya conducted the proceedings. He also took part in Panel Discussion on “Dilemmas in Diagnosis and Initial Management of Thyroid Cancer”. Apart from them there were faculties from reputed institutions from our country, notably amongst them were Prof. Amit Agrawal SGPGI Lucknow, Prof. Prathamesh Pai, Tata Cancer Hospital Mumbai and Prof. Varghese from Trivandrum.

Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan also were part of the symposia.

The performance and presentation of Indian Subcontinent Session was greatly appreciated. At the concluding ceremony Indian Subcontinent session was declared best of all sessions. It was also decided that henceforth every world congress will have a Indian Subcontinent Session.

This is a special honor for Nagpur as it is really the birth place of Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons.

2nd August : - Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya presented case of Botox injection  in a case of “Spasmodic Dysphonia” at clinical meeting of Academy of Medical Sciences.

13th – 14th August  : -    Dr. Abhishek Vaidya was faculty for CME at Kolhapur Cancer Centre. He gave live demonstration of Surgery for Ca. Tongue with Neck Dissection and a talk on “Oral Cancers”.

19th -20th  August  : -    Dr. Madan Kapre was faculty at ENT Conclave, Mumbai. He gave lecture on “ Parathyroids in Thyroid Surgery”.

19th -20th  August  : -    Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya attended ENT Conclave at Hyderabad.

24th  August  : -    Dr. Gauri was moderator for video demonstration of Tympanoplasty surgery.

July 2017

16th July : - Dr. Madan Kapre’s  CD on Thyroid Surgery “ Craftsmanship of Thyroid Surgery” was released at the hands of Hon. MLA Mr. Sunil Kedar in the presence of AOI Vidarbha President Dr. Nitin Deosthale & Rotary Club Nagpur South President Mr. Amit Gokhale. At the occasion Dr. Neeti Kapre Gupta, Dr. Vidula Kapre & Dr. Madan Kapre presented their talks which they would be delivering at the 3rd World Thyroid Cancer Congress at Boston.  

27th July : -    Dr. Madan Kapre led the Indian Subcontinent Session at the 3rd World Cancer Congress Boston. There were many faculties from all over India for this session including presentations by Dr. Vidula Kapre (Awake Thyroidectomy) & Dr. Neeti Kapre Gupta (IMPACT ). Dr. Abhishek Vaidya was a panelist in one of the session.

The programme was very well received by the International delegates & Faculties & Dr. Madan Kapre’s Keynote address on “The Thyroid Gurukool" - Teaching Thyroid Surgery in a Tribal Setting – A Unique Indian Model” was very well appreciated. 

June 2017

10th – 12th June : - Dr. Abhishek  Vaidya was faculty at North East Oncology Association CME held at NEIG RHMS which a tertiary care centre in North East. He spoke on Rehabilitation after surgery for Laryngeal & Hypopharyngeal Cancers. He was also on panel discussion of laryngeal & hypopharyngeal  cancer; which included eminent faculty from TMH,AIIMS & CMC.


25th June: -    Dr. Madan Kapre was faculty for CME on Head & Neck Cancers at RST Regional Cancer Centre. He gave a lecture on “Management of Thyroid Cancers in the coming decade.”

May 2017

  1. Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya was faculty for “Master Class” organized at Bombay Hospital. Where she was moderator of the Panel Discussion on common problems in Phonomilosurgery.

April 2017


The week of April 2nd-9th was declared World Head and Neck awareness week for past 7years. This year Neeti Clinics has been recognised as the designated representative centre for this cause from whole of Central India. We were supplied with informative brochures, reading materials, banners and t-shirts all the way from USA. These were utilised by us in events at Neeti Clinics and Rotary Club of Nagpur South to promote Head and Neck Cancer awareness. Our work in this area was thoroughly appreciated by the organisation “Head and Neck Cancer Alliance”, and photograph of  Neeti clinic staff during the event was displayed on their international website.

              Dr. Abhishek Vaidya attended Thyroid Surgical Camp in Afghanistan and performed Four Thyroid Surgeries and Two Thyroglossal cyst in camp.

  1. Dr. Vidula Kapre conducted  First Aid and CPR Workshop at Bhosla Military School.



  1. Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya  attended “Deutsche Stimklinik “ Hamburg , Germany as an observer. Dr. Gauri was trained under Prof. Markus Hess, a renowned laryngologist, in various voice disorders.
  2. Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya attended International Workshop on Injection Laryngoplasty with hands on training at Hamburg, Germany.
  3. Dr. Madan Kapre was faculty for CME on ‘Thyroid Cancer 2017’ organized by Thyrocon group - Department of Surgical Oncology, JIPMER Pondicherry. Dr. Madan Kapre delivered lecture on “Tips & Tricks in Thyroid Surgery”. Dr. Abhishek Vaidya also attended the workshop and participated in debate on Central Compartment dissection in Thyroid Cancers and he was also part of Panel Discussion.


March 2017

18th March   - :  THYROCON 2017 was organized at Rajkot. Dr. Madan Kapre demonstrated following Live Surgeries 
•    Thyroglossal Cyst
•    Thyroid Surgery
•    Large Laryngocele
He also gave lecture on “Tips & Tricks” in Thyroid Surgery.
Rotary Club of Rajkot – Dr. Madan Kapre gave lecture on Melghat Surgical Project.
11th March - :  Dr. Abhishek Vaidya was Instructing faculty at GPRA Meeting at TMH Mumbai, where he gave line demo of TEP insertion by different methods. Also part of panel discussion on trouble shooting
18th March - :  Dr. Gauri gave lecture on Allergic Rhinitis – Beyond Antihistamines at AOI CME.
25th March - Dr. Madan Kapre was Chief Guest in Workshop on Welfare Projects for Disabled organized by Ali Yavar Jung Institute and Saksham group at Chitnavis Centre

25th March - Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya was moderator for round table meet – Organised by Abott Pharma on “Type I Thyroplasty”.

February 2017

2nd -5 February  - :  Annual National Conference AOI
Dr. Madan Kapre conducted instructional course on “Tips and Tricks in Thyroid Surgery”.
Dr. Kapre gave live demonstration of Thyroid Surgery.
Dr. Kapre was Judge for “Senior Consultants Free Paper” and Panelist for Panel Discussion on “Oral Cancers”
Dr. Abhishek Vaidya was part of a panel on “Oral Cancers in India” and also took a talk on “Node Clearance in Thyroid Carcinoma”.

17th- 19th February - :  Dr. Gauri Attended world PHONOCON 2017 and presented a paper in Rising Star Award Session.
25th -26th February  - Dr. Abhishek was part of the prestigious EBM ( Evidence Basedd Medicine) meet at TMH Mumbai. Where he was on a panel on “ National Oral Cancer Policy” This panel was part of the policy guideline formulation for cancers, Dr. Abhishek was the only practitioner from a private institute.                 

Dr. Abhishek vaidya was organising Secretary of Head – Neck Live Surgical Workshop at Lata Mangeshkar Hospital was operating faculty along with Dr. P.S. Pai, Dr. Kekatpure & Dr. D.M. Mahore. 

January 2017

6th – 7th January - :  Dr. Madan Kapre was Faculty at Workshop on Head & Neck Oncosurgery at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. Dr. Kapre delivered Guest Lecture “Oral Pre- Malignant Lesions”. He was Panelist on Panel Discussion “Thyroid Cancer” & “Salivary Gland Cancer”. Dr. Kapre also presented his Surgical Videos on Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgeries.

8th January - :  Dr. Madan Kapre was Faculty at the Annual Conference of “Indian Academy of Biomedical Sciences” held at Bhavnagar. Dr. Kapre delivered lectures on “Early Diagnosis of Oral Cancers” & “Management Trismus of OSMF”.
17th – 19th January - Annual Surgical Camp for tribals of Melghat was conducted by Rotary Club of Nagpur South at Rural Hospital Chikhaldara. This was the 23rd year of the camp in which diagnosis, treatment, surgeries and post op care is provided to the tribals of Melghat totally free of cost. In addition all patients and their attendants are provided free food and accommodation.  This year record 150 surgeries were conducted which included Hernia, Hydrocele, Plastic Surgery and Cancer Surgery. Surgical Faculty included Dr. Meenakshi Yeola, HOD Dept of Surgery, JNMC, Sawangi and her team, Dr. Deven Mahore, Dr. R.B. Deshmukh, Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe, Dr. Madan Kapre, Dr. Abhishek Vaidya & Dr. Swapnil Agrawal. Anaesthesia Faculty included Dr. Sanjot Ninave HOD, Dept of Anaesthesia JNMC, Sawangi and her team, Dr. Chetan & Dr. Piyush from IGGMC and Dr. Vidula Kapre. OT was ably managed by Staff from Neeti Clinics- Pawan, Prabhakar, Ajay, Prashant, Sisters - Rina, Sunita, Vaishali & Laxmi and Lata Maushi.

21st & 22nd January - :    16th Annual Thyroid Surgical Camp. The workshop was conducted on 21st and 22nd January under the aegis of Rotary Club of Nagpur South, Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons, Foundation of Head & Neck Oncologists of India and Thyroid Society Nagpur.
Prof Kyung Tae Secretary General, Asia-Pacific society of Thyroid Surgery (APTS), Director, Hanyang University Hospital Cancer Center, Professor, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery College of Medicine, Hanyang University, South Korea is acclaimed Internationally as one of the leading Thyroid Surgeons in the world. His special expertise lies in Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery and Robotic Thyroid Surgery, technique which he has pioneered.
I t is an honour for Nagpur and for India, that Impressed by the work done by Dr. Madan Kapre and his team at Annual Thyroid Surgical Workshop for last 15 years, Prof Tae participated in this years workshop. Prof Tae operated on one of the tribals of Melghat. Altogether 12 thyroid surgeries were performed out of which 5 were Total Thyroidectomies and 7 Hemithyroidectomies. All the surgeries were performed on tribals of Melghat region, totally free of cost. 40 delegates from all parts of the country attended the workshop. There was one delegate from Afganistan 
Indian Faculty included Dr. Madan Kapre renowned ENT  Surgeon from Nagpur, Dr Prathamesh Pai Consultant Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, Dr. Murad Lala Endocrine Surgeon, Hinjuda Hospital Mumbai, Dr. Jyoti Dabholkar, Prof. Emeritus KEM Hospital Mumbai, Prof. Deven Mahore, Dr. R.B. Deshmukh Consultant ENT Surgeon Nagpur and Dr. Abhishek Vaidya Head and Neck Oncosurgeon, Nagpur.
Prof. Sadhana Mahore, HOD Pathology, NKPSIMS, Nagpur and Dr. R Ravi Consultant Pathologist, Nagpur demonstrated Fine Needle Aspiration Techniques and conducted all the pathology tests for the patients. Dr. R. R. Khadelwal explained nuances of ultrasonology in Thyroid. 
Anaesthesia Faculty included Dr. Vidula Kapre Director Neeti Clinics Nagpur, Dr. Shubhada Deshmukh, Dr. Mrunalini Wani and Dr. Ruchi Sharan. Cervical Epidural Anaesthesia for Thyroid Surgery was demonstrated. All Faculty including Prof. Tae and all delegates showed a lot of interest in this Anaesthesia technique.


5th – 9th  December- :  Dr. Abhishek Vaidya has been to Kabul, Afghanistan , where he performed thyroid surgeries at a camp organized at a local hospital. 10 large MNGs, including one with retrosternal extension were operated by him.

16th – 18th December- :  AOI Maharashtra State Conference was held at Kolhapur. Dr. Madan Kapre gave inspirational talk “You Can Do It”. Dr. Madan Kapre was panelist for Panel Discussion”PG Teaching in ENT Expectation vs  Reality” Dr. Madan Kapre was judge for Junior Consultant Paper Competition.  

16th – 18th December- :    Dr. Abhishek Vaidya attended MENTCON 2016 at Kolhapur as a faculty. He delivered an Invited Talk on “Oral Cancer- Current Trends” at the conference.
Neeti  Study Centre :
9th, 16th, 22nd December- :  Dr. Harsh Delivered lectures on CT paranasal sinuses for post graduate students.



6th November- :  Dr. Vidula Kapre was chairperson at “Trans Meet”, CME on Transfusion Medicine organized by Academy of Medical Sciences.                          

5th- 6th November- :  Vidarbha ENT Annual Conference was held at Amravati. Dr. Madan Kapre was panelist in panel discussion “Back to Basics”.
Dr. Abhishek Vaidya also attended annual conference at Amravati and he was moderator for Surgical session.

24th November- :  Dr. Madan Kapre inaugurated the ENT Department at CYTECARE Hospital Bangalore.

23rd- 26th November- :  Dr. Harsh Karan Gupta participated in “Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop” at Sian Hospital.

25th -26th November- :  Joint Annual Conference of Bihar & Jharkhand State was held at Patna. 
Dr. Madan Kapre gave live demonstration of Thyroid Surgery and delivered Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Oration- “Optimizing Surgery for Thyroid Disorders”.

25th 26th November- :  Dr. Abhishek Vaidya attended “Oncosurg- Annual Cancer Congress” at Tata Memorial Cancer Centre, Mumbai.

27th November- :  CME on Head & Neck Surgery was held at JNMC Sawangi.
               Live Surgical Demonstration – Thyroid Surgery by Dr. Madan Kapre
              Commando Surgery + Neck Dissection by Dr. Abhishek Vaidya
              Lectures – Evolution of Neck Dissection by Dr. Madan Kapre
               Basics to Advanced in Thyroid Surgery by Dr. Abhishek Vaidya.

27th November - :  Temporal Bone Dissection Demonstration was held in OT. Faculty was Dr. Prashant Naik. The programme was very successful. It was attended by over 30 Post graduates from the three Medical Collages in Nagpur.

27th November - :  Annual Day Meet of ISO Nagpur Branch. This programme was conducted by joint collaboration of ISO Nagpur Branch & AOI Vidarbha and sponsored by Amplifon. Chief Guest was Dr. Madhuri Mehta from Hissar. 
Guest Oration – “Cholesteatoma – a Curable Disease” by Dr. Madhuri Mehta, Dr. Mehta also showed videos on Facial Nerve Decompression and Management of Otogenic Meningoencephalocele.
3D Printed Temporal Bone by Dr. Prashant Naik. Temporal Bone made in collaboration with VNIT.
Paper Presented by PG Students of IGGMC & NKPSIMS, Nagpur.
Clinical Audiology & Hearing Aids by Dr. Reddy from Amplifon