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 September 2018 

2nd  September - :     Dr Vidula Kapre was chairperson for CME on “ Challenges in ICU”.

12th  September - :     Post Graduate students from NKPSIMS visited Neeti Clinics for training in Anaesthesia for                                             LASER surgery.


(Dr. Lalit Rathi & Dr. Neha Ingle with Dr. Madan Kapre, Dr. Vidula Kapre & Dr. Latika Panpaliya)

16th   September - :     TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR NABH

Faculty – Dr. Harsh Gupta, Dr. Nirmala Thakkar, Dr. Vidula Kapre

Participants – Domestic Staff

Topics Covered    1. Biomedical Waste Management

          2. Hand Hygiene

3. Linen Management

4. Use of Personal Protective Equipments

5. Mopping System

27th – 29th September - :     Dr Madan Kapre and Dr Neeti Kapre Gupta were invited international faculty for the 1st National Thyroid workshop at  Bir Hospital, Kathmandu Nepal.

Dr Madan Kapre was the chief faculty there. He delivered a lecture on Tips and Tricks in Thyroid surgery and participated in panel discussion. Faculty from USA and Thailand were also present. Dr Kapre’s contribution to knowledge and teaching of thyroid surgery was deeply appreciated. He also demonstrated three live surgeries. 

Dr Neeti Kapre Gupta delivered a lecture on IMPACCT trial and participated in live surgical demonstrations.



August 2018

4th -5th August - :     Dr Kapre was one of the Chief Faculty for the Annual Conference of Association of Otolaryngologists of India Pune Branch. He demonstrated Total Thyroidectomy for a massive Multinodular Goitre and his techniques were widely appreciated. He delivered a lecture on “Tips and Tricks in Thyroid Surgery”.

8th August - :     Dr VG Bhide memorial lecture. This was the 12th lecture on this series jointly organized by Physics Promotion Trust, Maharashtra Academy of Sciences and VNIT and Bhide family. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Brijesh Dixit the managing director of Nagpur Maha Metro. He gave a very informative talk on the development and rapid progress of the project. His views on management strategies for running such a large organisation were very enlightening.


11th  August - :     Dr Vidula Kapre conducted basic life support workshop for 50 staff nurses at Chitnavis Centre. She has been regularly supporting this cause to train paramedical personnel in basic and advanced resuscitation skills.


10th,11th & 12th   August - :     Dr Madan Kapre was faculty at the Annual meeting of Indian Academy of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery held at Vijaywada. There he demonstrated Cadaveric Dissections for Thyroidectomy, Laryngectomy and Neck Dissection. He also delivered two lectures on “Pearls in Parathyroid Preservation during Thyroid Surgery” and “Management of Trismus Related to Oral Submucous Fibrosis” which is his original work.Dr Abhishek Vaidya was moderator for panel on “ Management of Thyroid Nodule”.During the same conference, our very own Dr Samanth TU was honoured with the prestigious IAOHNS Head and Neck Surgery Fellowship. Neeti Clinics is now a recognised centre for fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology by two National Bodies IAOHNS and FMSB AOI.

13th   August - :     

Dr. Abhishek Vaidya gave talk on “Research Avenue on Management of Anaplastic & poorly differentiated Thyroid Cancers” at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute, Mumbai.

24th  -26th    August - :     The Third Annual Congress of Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons was held at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. Dr Madan Kapre delivered the Presidential Address. He was also Chairperson for the Key Note Address and participated in Panel discussion on Medullary Thyroid Cancers.Dr Neeti Kapre Gupta was also faculty as a Panellist for “Management Issues in Parathyroid Disorders”. Dr Abhishek Vaidya gave a talk on “Research Avenues For Anaplasric Thyroid Cancers” and he was elected as executive member for central zone.

                 Dr. Madan Kapre speaking in Annual Congress of          Dr. Madan Kapre handing over the president charge of ISTS          Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons                                  to Dr. Anil D’Cruz.


June  & July 2018


Neeti Clinics celebrated World No Tobacco Day On 31st May. Poster awareness exhibition depicting ill effects of chewing tobacco was held at Neeti Clinics. A free screening camp for Oral Cancer patients & de-addiction drive was conducted for 1 week starting from 31st May.

On 1 st June, an event was organized for felicitating cancer survivors & their care

givers. This was a joint activity under the aegis of Neeti Clinics, Rotary Club of

Nagpur, South & Vidarbha Society for Head & Neck Oncology. At the outset Dr. Neeti Gupta welcomed the gathering & gave a power point presentation to create awareness among the public about ill effect of tobacco chewing. Patients shared their experiences & encouraged public awareness for quitting the dreadful habit of tobacco consumption through their example.

Dr. Neeti Kapre Gupta addressing the Audience at World No Tobacco Day & Oral Cancer Survivor Meet

Cancer patients being felicidated                             Cancer survivor (15 years) sharing  his experience.


9th & 10th June - :     

Dr. Madan Kapre gave Talk on Changing Paradigm in Surgery of Thyroid at Vijaywada.


17th  June - :     Dr. Vidula Kapre participated in CME on Onco Anaesthesia & made comments on problems associated with patient who has received neck irradiation.


23rd & 24th  June - :     

Dr. Madan Kapre was invited as National Faculty for CANCERCON 2018 organized at Bangalore. Dr. Kapre was moderator for the panel discussion on Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Symposium and also he was the chairperson for keynote address.

Dr. Kapre was the expert resource person for Session on Primary Dental Implantation should be considered for patients undergoing Fibular Reconstruction.


Dr. Madan Kapre delivered a lecture on Trismus of OSMF Treaties in Surgical Management at St.Mary’s Imperial Medical College London.

Dr.Kapre was invited by Prof. Neil Tolley, Senior Thyroid and ENT Surgeon at Imperial Medical College, London  for the Annual Clinical meeting of all ENT Departments of St.Mary’s group of hospitals.

The programme began with clinical presentations by junior surgeons followed by the Chief Guest speaker’s Address by Dr.Madan Kapre.

The lecture was very well appreciated by all faculty and resident staff of the St.Mary’s group of Hospitals. The problem of Oral Submucous Fibrosis due to chewing of tobacco and related products is unique to this part of the world. Nagpur being infamously labeled as the “Gutka Capital of India” Dr.Kapre in his lecture gave a detailed account of problems involved in the management of these cases. Through videos and clinical photographs he described how he has evolved his surgical technique over the years in order to get best results in these cases, Prof.Saman   Waranakulsuriya OBE and WHO authority on oral cancers was in the audience and greatly appreciated the innovative surgical technique- . Dr.Kapre’s Mandibular Mucoperiosteal Flap. Prof.Waranakulsuriya has also proposed and requested Dr. Kapre for a joint research programme with the incidence of this condition in Indian population in UK is now raising.

Dr. Kapre also outlined the efforts taken by Government and Rotary Club for awareness amongst the public about ill effects of tobacco chewing habit.

With growing Asian population in the United Kingdom, the doctors there are beginning to see patients suffering from Oral Submucous  Fibrosis, but are not clear about its management.  Therefore the surgeons who attended this lecture benefitted a great deal to learn the management of this condition. Truly a case of “East teaches West”.

On this occasion Dr. Kapre presented his recently published book with joint author Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe ,”Surgery of Trismus of OSMF” to the ENT Department of St.Mary’s hospital. All the senior doctors greatly applauded this gift. Incidentally the publishers of the book “Springer” have commented that there is no other book in the world on this topic.

Dr. Madan Kapre delivering the lecture             Dr. Kapre presenting his book on surgery of  Trismus to Prof. Neil Tolley


In this event Dr. Neeti Kapre Gupta contributed for talk on Surgical Techniques of tongue cancer resections and mentor for cadever dissection.

Dr. Abhishek Vaidya contributed for talk on chemoprevention for oral potentially malignant lesions and moderator for surgical session on PMMC flap reconstruction.

Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe contributed for talk on Management of OSMF Trismus.


May 2018

20th May - :    Alexis Multispecialty Hospital in collaboration with  IMA, AOI & VSHNO Nagpur had organized CME on Management of Carcinoma Larynx. Dr. Madan Kapre was chairperson for session on Surgeons for Laryngeal Cancers. 

Dr. Abhishke Vaidya was Chairperson for debate on LASER vs. Radiotherapy for early Laryngeal Cancers.

31st May  -    Dr. Neeti Kapre Gupta gave a talk on Oral Cancer awareness- Breaking myths at Mahindra & Mahindra Company, Hingna. This programme was jointly conducted by Health panel of the company & American Oncology Institute. The talk was well received by an audience of over 150 employees at the end of which they took pledge to quit tobacco forever.

  • “Pyramidal artery, a new nomenclature” article was published in Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery under joint authorship of Dr Madan Kapre and Dr Ashutosh Mangalgiri

April 2018

2nd to 9th April  - : Head and Neck Oncology week was observed at American Oncology Institute.


Dr. Madan Kapre was awarded prestigious “Dr. D.K. Gosavi Memorial Oration”. This is an award bestowed upon Doctors who have done pioneering work in the field of Cancer. Some of the stalwarts who have received the award so far have been Dr. Praful Desai, Dr. A R Mehta, Dr. Anita Borges, Anil D’Cruz, Dr. S Adawani from Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, Dr. Manen Chandy who started Bone Marrow Transplant in India. Dr. Madan Kapre was awarded the oration for his work in Thyroid Cancers and his work on Thyroid Patients in Melghat.

12th – 14th  April  - Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya attended hands on CeMAST FESS Course at Mumbai.

15th  April  - Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya was faculty at 2nd Annual Thyroplasty course at GMCH. Delivered a talk on unilateral Vocal Folds palsy management.

19th April - Dr. Lulay sir was invited to Biomedical Engineering and Technology Conference for presentation on Silicon Nasal Implant and Lateral Osteotomy forceps at IIT Bombay. It was very much appreciated both these products are patented.

20th  April  - Dr. Vidula Kapre was Judge for ISA Nagpur “ Annual Best Paper Presentation Competition”. 


21th  April  - Dr. Vidula Kapre conducted workshop on “ Medical Emergencies” at Bhosala Military School.

21st  April  - Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya was moderator for video demonstration of Cochlear Implant Surgery by Dr. K.K. Handa at R.T.M. organized by Abbott pharmaceutical.

22nd  April  - Rotary Club of Nagpur South celebrated successful completion of 25 years of Melghat Surgical Camp Dr. Madan Kapre was Chairman of the organizing Committee. Hon Sudharji Munganttiwar, Minister of Finance and Forestry, Maharashtra State was Chief  Guest. Shri. Munganttiwar highly appreciated work done by Dr. Madan Kapre and his team and Rotary Club of Nagpur South for the Tribals of Melghat.

26th  April  - Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya delivered a talk in Rotary Club of Nagpur South on “ Care of the Professional Voice”.

26th April - Dr Neeti Kapre Gupta has been invited as reviewer for Journal of Head and Neck Physicians and Surgeons. This is the official journal of the Foundation of Head Neck Oncology.


28th April - Dr Neeti Kapre Gupta has contributed a chapter to the Textbook of Oncology in Indian context, an initiative of Dr Sanchetee from Jaipur. This textbook will be used as curriculum material for post-graduate and super-specialization studies.

March 2018

2nd – 3rd March   - :  Dr Harsh Karan Gupta was a delegate at FESS workshop conducted by MAA hospitals, Hyderabad.

16th – 18th March - :  Dr Neeti Kapre Gupta was National Faculty at Annual Head and Neck Workshop at Patel Hospitals, Jalandhar. She delivered two lectures- Essential pre-requisites of microlaryngeal surgery and setting up of a LASER HN practice. She was also faculty for demonstration on LASER. She was part of the operating team for live demonstration of Laryngectomy.

10th-11th March-: Dr Harsh Karan Gupta and Dr Avinash Deshmukh attended the cholesteatoma conference in Bangalore.

24th – 25th March - :  Dr Madan Kapre was faculty for Innagural workshop at Shatabdi hospital, Mumbai. Renowned head and neck surgeon Dr Sultan Pradhan from Mumbai applauded the annual thyroid workshop conducted by Neeti Clinics.

25th March-: Dr Harsh Karan Gupta was part of fund raising event celebrities versus doctors cricket match at Police Gymkhana, Mumbai.

   February  2018

2nd – 4th February   :  Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya was faculty at Annual Phonocon held at Cochin. Dr. Gauri gave a lecture on “Vocal Fold Cysts and Sulcus’.


 January 2018

4th to 7th January  : AOI Annual National Conference was held at Indore. Dr. Madan Kapre gave an instructional course on “Thyroid Surgery” and an invited talk on “Optimizing Surgery for Thyroid Disorders”.

16th to 18th January : 26th Annual Surgical Camp conducted at Rural Hospital Chikhaldara by Rotary Club of  Nagpur South. Every year diagnostic and surgical camp is conducted in Chikhaldara for Tribals of  Melghat region. Patients are brought from interior villages, diagnosed and treated free of cost. All patients and their relatives are also fed on all the days. This year altogether over 1000 patients were examined and 125 surgeries performed out of which 3 were major surgeries for oral cancer.

19th January  : Cadaver Dissection Workshop was held at Govt. Medical College Nagpur. Dr. Madan Kapre demonstrated thyroid surgery and all delegates who came for thyroid surgical workshop attended the cadaver dissection.

Lecture demonstration were also held for FNAC and Imaging in thyroid by Dr. R. Ravi and Dr. R. Khandelwal.

20th- 21st January: 17th Annual Thyroid Surgical Workshop was held at Rural Hospital Chikhaldara. In all 40 delegates from all over the country attended the workshop. This year, International Faculty was Prof. Neil Tolley, Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgeon from Imperial College London. Prof. Tolley was very impressed by the quality of surgeries performed; facilities available and level of training imparted to the delegates.13 surgeries, 3 hemi and 10 total thyroidectomies were performed. 4 total thyroidectomies and 2 hemithyroidectomies were performed under Cervical Epidural Anesthesia. Prof Tolley was also very impressed with the Cervical Epidural Anesthesia.

Other Surgical faculty were Dr Madan Kapre, Dr Amit Agrawal Endocrine Surgeon from SGPGI Lucknow, Dr Jyoti Dabholkar Prof Emeritus KEM Mumbai, Dr Rahul Modi Mumbai, Dr Devendra Mahore Prof  ENT GMC Chandrapur, Dr Abhishek Vaidya HOD Head &Neck Oncosurgery NCI, Dr R B Deshmukh Nagpur and Dr Neeti Kapre Gupta Head and Neck Surgeon and Director Neeti Clinics.

Anesthesia Faculty were Dr Vidula Kapre, Dr Shubhada Deshmukh, Dr Pallavi Godghate, and Dr Arpit Tiwari.

25th  January: Dr. Gauri Vaidya was speaker at clinical meeting of ISO Nagpur.








Seeking blessings from Almighty before the workshop





Dr. Vikarant Vaze with Prof. Neil Tolley

Prof. Neil Tolley with Anaesthesia Faculty





Prof. Tolley operating at the Thyroid Surgical Workshop






Faculty Members at the Thyroid Surgical Workshop

Dr. Madan Kapre distributing blankets to the Tribals